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Beechmont Investments Inc

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Beechmont Investments Inc
Cincinnati, OH 45255

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Sally Mustang says:
Talked to someone named Lisa who is a supervisor. She was, excuse my french, a total *****. I have bout 7 cars thru Beechmont Toyota, but since talking to her, I will never be a customer again. I buy high end cars and this Lisa, in charge of the lot or whatever, has offended me so bad I will never buy another toyota again. She shouldn't be in charge of anything if you want good P.R. I will also pass along this info to everyone I know who is looking to buy a car. How much does the loss of one car sale cost you? Because she just lost you a lot. If you don't believe me, listen to the (I'm sure) recorded conversation. You should really screen your employees better. Believe it or not, people still want someone pleasant to deal with and she is definitely not. I'm sorry for my and your loss. I think I will go to Honda from now on because of the attitude from this "Lisa" person. She should not be in a position to answer phones and/or deal with customers. She is completely rude and unprofessional.