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Antioch Dodge Inc 105W II Route

Antioch, IL





Antioch Dodge Inc 105W II Route
Antioch, IL 60002

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Antioch Dodge Inc 105W II Route

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Mark says:
After 6 months of finacial figuring I came up with an amount I could afford after paying several bills off. We went in and were able to get a price that was at my comfort level. When we sat down with finance guy he asked if we wanted warranties including oil changes and if we wanted key replacement, we said,"No". The first bill of sale had the agreed price. After a while, he had us signing the paperwork and he was telling us what they were for, then he had one that he told us was for "free oil changes for a year" and one for a "free key replacement". After we got home I had said something about them throwing that in, even though we were asked if we wanted to buy it. When we went to our credit union to get a lower rate, we had seen a $650 difference. When I called the finance guy said,"That's what you wanted" I told him "You said they were free for a year" He said I was mistaken. I said "Well I guess we got screwed, can I get what I didn't want anyway?" he said "sure". It's been 4 phone calls and 3 months later and I've received nothing. Screw this place, Palmen motors is a "trustworthy" place and I'm sorry I ever went to antioch dodge.